And now for something completely different…

Today, for some light relief, I give you:

Crappy taxidermy (click me. Go on, you know you want to)

Yes, folks, this website really exists. Some of it is not for the faint of heart, but the fur-bearing trout, mouse pope, and Utah werewolf are particularly enjoyable. And of course there are inevitably lots of pictures of the Brewdog squirrel bottles, and the ubiquitous assquatch. Have to say I am fairly dubious about the panda, it doesn’t look real (thankfully).


Bad taxidermy is always something I find quite sad (and sometimes downright horrifying!), because that animal has died for nothing…just to become a cautionary tale in how NOT to stuff something. I’ve seen plenty of examples in museums, particularly amongst the older specimens (there were lots of amateurs just stuffing dead things willy nilly in the 19th century). Monkeys must be unusually hard to get right, because I have seen many terrible examples. It’s the face that seems to be the difficult part, because they often have the most terrifying grimaces. But then, I think I’d be grimacing too if I was shot and stuffed!

My favourite piece of crappy taxidermy that I have seen belongs to the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow, and is a porcupine’s arse mounted on a board like a trophy head. It just looks so comically pathetic. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have the matching head, or I’m sure it would be on display, mounted on either side of a wall.


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